Wednesday 18 January 2017

Review - Olverum bath oil

Are you feeling tired? Run down? In need of a little pick me up and indulgence?

Then maybe you should take a look at this product Olverum bath oil.

Olverum bath oil is as pampering as it is therapeutic, it is like a warm comforting hug when you are feeling physically and emotionally drained.
Whether you use it to relieve stress, aching muscles and joints, rebalance dry skin or just to simply have some well deserved 'me time' an a luxurious bath, Olverum promotes a feeling of well being and renewal.

Natural Wellbeing since 1931
Olverum was originally created in 1931 by Frank Otto Klein, a wine merchant in the Mosel Valley in Germany who developed a keen interest in the many beneficial properties of natural essential oils.
The bath oil he produced after two years of research and experimentation contains extracts from 10 aromatic plants, carefully selected for their individual therapeutic properties and ability to work in synergy to be even more effective. these were blended according to a closely guarded formula that was passed from father to son for over 50 years and remains largely unchanged today.

Key Benefits

  • deep relaxation and stress relief - inhaling the aromatic vapours released by a warm Olverum bath helps relieve tension, stress and promote relaxation, the perfect aid to a perfectly untroubled night's sleep after a long stressful day.
  • Soothes aches and pains - Olverum stimulates the circulation and helps bring relief to aching muscles and joints
  • Beautifully soft skin - the light non greasy oil is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling beautifully soft and pampered

Pricing and availablity

125 ml - enough for 25 baths = RRP - £26.00
250 ml - enough for 40 baths = RRP  - £48.00

Main stockists -  Conran, Liberty and Harvey Nichols

As a busy working mum to two the end of the day cannot come quick enough sometimes, stress, fatigue and achy muscles all a regular complaint from me, so when i was sent a sample of Olverum oil to try i was quite excited, the idea of a nice luxurious bath to take away my troubles was very appealing. 
The smell is divine and completely works on relaxing your mind and body, it felt luxurious in the bath without being too greasy, resulting in amazingly soft skin, i went to bed feeling less achy, more relaxed and with super soft skin as a bonus. This is definitely my little bit of luxurious 'me time' from now on.