Thursday 26 January 2017

Review - Ebookadabra app

I was asked to review this app for the kids, Ebookadabra is a 'one stop' solution for kids reading, designed for children between ages 3 and 7. The app allows kids to read hundreds of  books from leading publishers such as Disney, Parragon and Harper Collins, and by reading they unlock educational puzzles, games, collectable stickers and much more. Although the app is only just launching it has some great features on it such as:

The ability to allow parents to record themselves reading the stories the children are looking at

A safe and secure messaging system that allows a child to talk to their parents about the progress they are making in the app

An innovative visual search engine designed for kids that lets them use visual search terms to explore the library of books on the app

The ability to save stories to you r in app library to read on the go

All of this is available for less than the price of a book a month at £5.99, along with a 30 day free trial.

It makes reading so much easier and portable as saves the Parent lugging around 100's books, it is available anywhere anytime and is helping your child develop listening and reading skills.

Once downloaded i introduced this to the kids, the youngest at 4 loved it, she is a real Disney fan so it really appealed having such a good selection of Disney books, especially princess stories. It was easy for her to navigate around and find books she wanted us to read together. I was really impressed with the choice, quality of choices and the layout of the app, it is very user friendly and breaks down into categories to reduce search time. the reward of stickers, games and puzzles really made her want to finish a story and read more. 
The eldest is able to read himself and was happy to see stories he is reading at school and were familiar to him as well as stories from his favourite characters he could explore, again he loved the rewards once completed a book. 
We do spend a lot of time visiting family all over the country and being in the car so it is great to be able to download content to use on the go. 

I am definitely looking forward to what comes next and how this app develops further, it is appealing, educational, fun and colourful. It has great content and having such well known content such as Disney it will remain a favourite for a long time with the youngest. Well worth the monthly cost i say.