Friday 10 February 2017

Bring Your Family Back Together

When you have children and a job, it can be easy to lose that magical family time we all enjoyed years ago.  Remember when visiting our grandparents was an adventure which involved nothing more than pen and paper or a pack of cards?  Or those days where mealtimes were an event where we all came together and enjoyed each other.

There are so many ways we can bring the family closer without going crazy and these dark, damp, winter evening won’t be here much longer so make the most of them before everyone is out there enjoying the sun.

Game nights are a great way of getting everyone together.  Although they can be plagued with arguments at times, they are usually a source of laughter.  Simple games of chance are often the most fun but there are hundreds of games you can really enjoy.  It pays to have a few bits in your cupboard to help make these evenings easier.  Stop any fights over siblings not rolling dice correctly by investing in one of these great gadgets from Easy Roller Dice Company and keep a stock of spare counters in case of any losses!  

Cards are a brilliant and engaging way to turn a night in front of the TV into a huddle of chatting kids.  There are games for all ages and even games for one! Simple to slip into your handbag, a deck of cards can be on hand for rainy nights away on holiday or just whilst watching TV in the evening.  Snap is a younger child’s classic or you could opt for a more specialist set of cards such as the multicoloured numbered ones from Uno.  To up the stakes you could play for pennies which is a fun way of getting teens involved too.

Make mealtimes a bit more exciting by throwing a themed night into the mix every couple of weeks.  Instead of opting for your local takeaway, make your own.  Pizzas are a brilliant way of encouraging interaction as you can prepare the bases and all of the toppings then get your children to add their own.  This is a sure fire way of keeping them in the kitchen and your chance to enjoy what could be a pretty lonely affair whilst you slave over a hot stove.

If you want to make the most of something they all enjoy, then why not head out and get a copy of Just Dance or Guitar Hero.  If you have to fight for attention with their latest computer console then don’t try to beat them, join them.  It is great fun watching everyone as they try to keep up with the on screen instructions and your kids will enjoy teaching you how to get to grips with the controls.

Get creative and soon you will have the whole family together asking you if you want to have fun! Then sit back and watch, treasure these memories!