Saturday 11 February 2017

Girls night in with a grown up twist.

Girls night or wine night is a must, a lifesaver, a Mum's time to be one of the girls not just mummy, or wife, to be able to talk about adult things, well that is until the wine really starts to flow then anything goes!

Over Xmas we stocked up on all different bottles of alcohol, wines, beers spirits, just about anything that has an alcohol content really, and as we were entertaining we got to sample all different drinks we may not usually try, one being Port, which went down rather well, so when i was asked to review Cockburn's special reserve i was more than happy!

Originally introduced in 1969 Cockburn’s Special Reserve was so ground-breaking it created a whole new Port category and has since been the drink of choice for families and friends looking to celebrate those special moments in their lives. Hailed as one of the most iconic Ports of all time, it’s matured in oak casks, giving it the full bodied dry finish which made it the benchmark for all Reserve Ports. Featuring notes of strawberry and plums this classic is the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

For a change to our recent wine night we decided to have a Port and cheese night instead, plenty of cheeses, breads, crackers and fruit to accompany a glass or two of Cockburn's special reserve Port, rather grown up and sophisticated really, but really enjoyable, it gave the night a different twist to our usuall wine, crisps and chocolate. It is good to have a change and as parents it is not always easy to get out so giving wine night a sophisticated overhaul was great. 

A definite hit with the girls too, we all enjoyed the port and it was a perfect accompaniment to the cheese board, so something we will most definitely be doing again, and if they are lucky we may even let the dad's come along too!!