Thursday 2 February 2017

How will you celebrate Valentine's Day?

As you become a parent it changes how important events can be in our lives, before children, Valentine's Day was all about the flowers, chocolates and expensive meals out, the swankier the better!! Or better still a weekend away somewhere romantic.

However since children have come along, there is neither the time, money or energy to celebrate like that anymore, and i think it does make you realise how commercial these things have become. For me now simply getting an evening off together is a treat, having children means working around childcare so often we are like ships passing in the night. Don't get me wrong a romantic gesture is never going to be turned down but our priority financially and time wise is the children so if nothing is left in the pot then so be it.

I do think many parents share this view but it is still important to remember we need to make time for ourselves as a couple, my voucher codes have produced this article which looks at ways you can celebrate and mark Valentine's day on a budget, it has some great tips and ideas for keeping the romance going on a budget, for example, celebrate or book  a restaurant for a different night when prices can be lower, like i said before it is not about the day it is about the time spent together. If you do want to mark the occasion with a special night out, night away or mini break always check the offers and what voucher codes are available before booking, this can save you money. Finding the balance of responsibilities with fulfilling our own needs can be difficult but with a bit of planning and adaption it can be done.

Things that i would appreciate now would be

  • Time to take a long soak in the bath (alone), made more romantic with candles and music, and never say no to a glass of wine
  • Having dinner cooked for me
  • Sitting with a chilled glass of wine in one hand and remote control in other whilst someone else puts the kids to bed
  • A restaurant booked and arranged without me sorting it and babysitter, on any night not just Valentine's
  • The gesture of a gift/ flowers at anytime, usually more genuine and appreciated when it is not because it is expected for a specific date/ event

Whatever way you choose to celebrate let us remember it is about sharing the love, not about splashing the cash.