Friday 17 February 2017

Indigo Herbs De-Stress & Unwind Well-being Gift Set Giveaway

De-Stress & Unwind Well-being Gift Set

We all need some wind down and me time now and again, busy lives, busy jobs and parenting can all build stress levels and in turn cause health issues we rarely have time for dealing with, this can be such an inconvenience and struggle when we simply can't take the time out to be ill. That is why it is so important to look after ourselves, take a little relaxation time, eat a little healthier, drink a little less, give yourself permission to think about yourself for a change.
Introducing Indigo Herbs De-stress and well-being gift set. This 100% pure and natural kit is for the mum who needs a bit of self-care time, so it’s a perfect way to say thank you on Mother’s Day. This kit contains some herbal helpers to assist the nervous system in relaxing, and to combat Mum’s stress. The Chamomile tea is a gentle sedative and can be drank before bed to promote a good night sleep. It’s also relaxing to the digestion and adrenal glands so can be enjoyed throughout the day too. The essential oil blend is balancing, cleansing and uplifting and can be added to a hot bath, the massage oil can be rubbed on neck, shoulders, lower back and belly for best results.

Gift set includes
·         Chamomile Flower Tea & a single cup tea leaf strainer
·         The De-Stress & Unwind Essential Oil (10ml) Basil, Geranium, Grapefruit and Peppermint.
·         The De-Stress & Unwind Massage Oil (100ml): This massage oil consists of Almond Oil, Wheat germ Oil, and De-stress & Unwind essential oil blend. (Basil, Geranium, Grapefruit, Peppermint)
·         Starting at £19.99

About Indigo Herbs
Indigo Herbs supplies a broad range of Natural health ingredients including herbs, superfoods, wholefoods and natural botanicals. We are passionate about supporting people on their journey to optimum health and well-being. Sourcing the finest quality ingredients from around the globe since 2005 it is Indigo Herbs mission to make good quality, 100% pure, natural health ingredients available and affordable to all. Indigo Herbs also publishes a natural health guide, blog and recipe collection as we believe that empowerment is the key to optimum health and that begins with information and inspiration. 

For the perfect gift for any Mum on Mother's Day give this gift set to help unwind and De-stress, just an hour soaking in the bath with these essential oils followed by a relaxing massage, then sent off to sleep after a calming cup of chamomile tea will make her feel like a new woman. I tried this kit out last night after a stressful week of, feeling ill, organising for holiday, working, dealing with the kids and it really helped me unwind and sleep better and get into the holiday spirit. 

For a chance to win one of these gift sets simply enter below, closing date Friday 17th March

Indigo Herbs De-Stress & Unwind Well-being Gift Set Giveaway