Monday 27 February 2017

What to Bring to a Baby Shower

Baby showers are getting more and more extravagant. From garden parties to intricate, themed tea parties, the only limit is your imagination! But what do you bring as a gift to a baby shower? Doesn’t everyone bring toys and clothes? How can you bring something thoughtful, yet fun, and unique as well? Take a look at my suggestions below. There are three categories to suit every budget, whether you’re looking to save, spend, or splurge!


If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a gift, but you still want to congratulate the happy couple, there are still gifts that can make a statement. As well as the usual toys and accessories that you can bring to a shower, consider bringing a personalized gift. If you’ve known the parents for a long time you could make a collage of yours and theirs relationship over the years. Thoughtful gifts like this take a while to make, but are very cheap. Alternatively why not get baking? Make some cupcakes or a larger cake and get creative with piping. If the shower involves a meal, or afternoon tea, a homemade cake is a lovely touch. Balloons are also a celebratory touch. You can even get confetti ones! If the shower is themed it can be easy to pick up an inexpensive gift. For instance if the theme is garden party, buy a bouquet of flowers.


If you have a bit more money to spend consider bringing something that is both beautiful, but also practical. There are lots of lovely blanket sets and bespoke soft toys out there which make great gifts. If you don’t know the sex of the baby stick to neutral colours like white or grey. Baby displays are also popular. You could get a display for a first pair of shoes, or even a copy of a scan pasted onto items. It’s challenging buying gifts for a baby shower. Unlike birthday gifts, you haven’t met the recipient yet! So stick to things that are neutral and will help the new mum and dad out. A thoughtful gift that doesn’t cost much is a baby book. These can be keepsakes or just normal books. As well as being a fun and inexpensive gift, they’re also educational!


If you’re budget is unlimited consider getting something of a keepsake. A great idea is buying a first bed for the newborn. Cot beds and cribs from Cuckooland are available in neutral colours and varying styles. Alternatively why not buy a stroller or a car seat. Both are practical items that the new parents may be struggling to buy, or not have the time to source themselves. Some parents also set up a baby shower registry of items they would like. Take a look at their list and chose something within your budget that you’d enjoy buying and giving to the expectant couple.