Tuesday 28 February 2017

Celebrating with a bang

This coming year we have a few big birthdays in the family so already we are thinking of ways to celebrate them. None of us are wanting a huge party for everyone we know but we would like to celebrate with our close friends and family in a way we will remember and treasure. We are planning a family holiday for immediate family that can make it so this will be lovely, although the expense and timing means not all the family can make it, so another family gathering will be arranged that hopefully all will be able to come to.

As the family is quite large in itself any kind of gathering is going to be quite large so are looking at places we can go to have good food, a few drinks and rooms for all travelling guests to stay in. Trying to agree on a mutually convenient venue is no easy task!
But having family all over the country makes getting together special as it doesn't happen often enough, usually funerals and weddings, we always say we will make more effort but life gets in the way, so we want to make this a celebration to remember and we are thinking of having a firework display.

Obviously our biggest consideration is firework safety as there will be children, elderly guests and other people using the venue to consider. The responsibility for organising and ensuring safe procedures are followed will be given to just a couple of specific members of the family to ensure all safety guidelines are followed and those people responsible know what they are doing. By doing this it minimises the number of people that try to get involved and those that are will clearly know what they are doing. A few things to consider would be;

  • Storage of fireworks
  • Safe handling and lighting - follow instructions
  • Spectators keeping a safe distance
  • Safe handling of used fireworks
  • Supervision of children
A venue with a conservatory would be ideal as it would allow people with small children, mobility problems, or just those that do not wish to venture outside to be able to enjoy the display from the comfort and safety of the venue. Consideration needs to be given to those that may not like or may be afraid of fireworks so this option to watch from indoors is really important. 

After researching safety requirements it is important we buy fireworks with BS 7114 or CE mark – this means the firework meets British or European safety standards, so have been looking at cheap fireworks that meet these requirements. There are some great sets to be found and can be used alongside other sets to create a truly magnificent display that will amaze everyone and make any occasion special and one to remember. The only problem being is choosing what to have, although we do have a good budget set aside so with these we can make a spectacular display that will please the whole family.

Having the opportunity to get together and catch up with family that you often do not see for many years is so important and a time to create memories that last, and that is what we want to do. We just need to agree on where!!