Wednesday 29 March 2017

Alternative Easter gifts

If you are anything like us you may have only just seen the back of all the Christmas chocolates the kids received, so the thought of another load for Easter is a little worrying with all the healthy eating we try to promote with the kids.

This year i have decided to ask family to buy them a non chocolate gift or to simply give some time and take them out which for the kids would be a much more memorable Easter and the opportunity to spend quality time with family which is really difficult when everyone is so busy.

I have put together some ideas for you if you too would like give or request some alternative gifts for Easter for all the family.

From Addo playYour very own cuddly best friend with the Out to Impress Bunny!
This cute crafts set gives you everything you need to make a cuddly soft toy. Use the thread and stuffing and bring your bunny to life!Once complete, name your new friend on the included adoption certificate.
This Make Your Own Teddy Bear Set's ideal for ages five and up.

What child wouldn't love this, creating and making your very own new best friend, and making him or her truly part of the family with their very own adoption certificate. My youngest is a huge rabbit fan so was totally over the moon to review this, being quite creative too it was nice for her to 'make her'. It was an activity we did together as would of been to difficult on her own at only 5, it was actually a change for me from the normal activities we do and i really enjoyed it too, she loved creating 'Pinky' and it gave her such pride in the finished product, who now takes special pride of place in her bed next to stinky old Tickly rabbit!

From Read my lips what about some Candy crush lip balms?
Candy Crush, everyone's favourite fruity game, has just launched four candy flavoured lip balms to help keep lips smooth and sweet all day! The fun, fruity flavoured lip balms have been created with a creamy formula that glides across your lips delivering a soft and fruity long lasting glaze. Just like you can play Candy Crush on the go, these lip balms are perfect for when you’re on the move and in need of a quick moisture fix! Candy Crush Lip Balms are available in four tasty flavours: Bubblegum Bridge, Chocolate Mountains, Peppermint palace and Lemonade lake. available from Primark at £1.50

We can't have a gift guide without socks can we so what about
Bridgedale MerinoFusion Hiker Junior Socks
The Hiker Junior provides excellent durability for long days out walking with the family. Featuring Bridgedale’s MerinoFusion technology, which maximises the benefits of natural Merino Wool yarns with technical performance microfibers, the Hiker Junior is soft on the skin, provides thermal balance and wicks moisture to ensure all day comfort and ventilation.
The Hiker Junior is tough where it needs to be, yet soft and comfortable for little feet, ensuring smiles all-round during family hikes. My eldest rates them and they are always straight back on as soon as washed and dried
Colours: Purple/Black, Grey/Black
Sizes: Junior Medium 12-1/ Junior Large 1-3/ Junior XL 3-5
RRP:£ 7.99 

Sylvanian families chocolate Rabbit family
A classic for all Sylvanian family lovers and super cute they will make a great addition to or even start a new collection for any little ones who love a dolls house. This chocolate Rabbit family are something lovely and different for Easter keeping with the chocolate theme. My youngest already has the Sylvanian Hotel so these went down a treat with her, she is always happy to add to her collection.

And who wouldn't love a My first Miffy Rabbit, a perfect Easter gift for that new addition to the families first Easter, available at littlepumpkin, for £14.99. Soft cuddly and completely adorable, and what about the book to go with her, available at themiffyshop, for £4.99 

Miffy's birthday is a lovely little book and a real keepsake from this well loved character, my youngest adores it as she is a real rabbit lover,  it is going to be our bedtime story of choice for many weeks to come i think. 

What about some face masks to give Mum a little pamper time after all the cooking and activities she is sure to prepare, available also in a range or chocolate themed scents, just perfect for Easter.

What about one of these cute Easter themed children's hairbrushes from rockandruddle at £20 each, My girl loved the cute design and having her own special brush, especially as it was super soft on her hair.

So there is plenty of choice and alternatives there , whatever you choose i am sure the kids will have a great Easter.