Thursday 30 March 2017

I am what i am.......

...........And what i am needs no excuses

As a child you try to please, you change, you do what you think you should do..And learn some life lessons by doing so... Hopefully.

Through school you change and become what you think you need to be to please your parents (especially the pushy ones), you change to try to please your peers, more so if you are feeling insecure, you try to be what the teachers want you to be, to be top of the class, top sports man, best friend, most popular...Oh the stress and pressure.

And so it continues through teenage years into early adulthood.

You want to please your employer's, make new friends, impress a new partner, all ongoing changes to be the person these people want.

Then it stops...

Now I no longer feel it, is it having kids? Is it being grown up? ( Hmm) But I totally do not feel the need to impress, be something I am not, be fake to please others, take me or leave me this is me!
I have a small circle of good friends, that's enough, who needs the stress of keeping a million 'friends' happy. I have my family (ies)

At times yes i feel I am mum more than 'me' but I guess that is 'me' now, my little people are more important than anything or anyone that has ever been in my life and that makes me realise, who needs the drama of constantly keeping others happy.

It's good to feel comfortable with who you are, knowing you don't need to be anything else, or more importantly care about what others think, because they don't affect me in my life with what's important.

Stop and think about your life, is who matters the people that get your time and thoughts, or is it wasted on those that are not...Give up stressing over what the work colleagues think, the kids teachers, the neighbours, the fake friends. Be you and focus on your important people, it's quite liberating to finally say, I Don't Care!!!