Thursday 2 March 2017

IllumiBowl toilet night light Review

Most of us live with at least one male who has crap aim!! Yes we know the feeling of getting up in the middle of the night to either stand in a puddle or sit on a wet toilet seat. In my case i will say it is the 7 year old, let's give daddy the benefit of the doubt!!

So when i spotted the Illumibowl on Twitter i was intrigued....A motion activated toilet night light ...that goes inside the toilet bowl! this what i need to improve aim...again not you Daddy..honest!! So i contacted them to request a review of this product

The night light comes in a variety of colours and simply clips on to the side of the bowl, easy peesy!!

So here goes, does it work, well as we are focusing on the aim of the boy..not daddy..we ran through the whole how it works so it wasn't a bit of shock to find a green glowing toilet in the middle of the night, although after Daddys drinking sessions this isn't always unusual!! With great excitement and maybe a little too many toilet trips to check it is still there, he settlles, i usually hear him get up once while i am busy blogging/ watching TV, so i tread carefully when i head to bed, alas no puddle, or wet seat....
Off i go to bed happy my bed socks are still a mum of two and nearly 40 it is rare i get a night without the need to get up for a wee, this is the most treacherous time as boy (not daddy coming home late under the influence of a couple of beers) often goes for a midnight wee too, so this is where i get wet bum, as i zombie walk in and sit half asleep sit to be greeted by...a dry seat, bingo!!!
Ha could this be just a coincidence? I check Daddy actually came home, Yes, wow it seems that something has worked, and a week later there are considerably less wet feet and bums! A real winner of a product in my eyes, anything that makes me less work and more comfort is a real winner.

As a potty training Mum i would've found this incredibly handy as a mum of a boy who wants to be just like Daddy then it would of been great to help him aim from the word go and saved all those years of wet feet and toilet seats... as of course it certainly is not Daddy!!!

Your IllumiBowl Toilet Light is light-sensitive so it will only turn on in the dark; and motion-activated so it will only light up when you walk into the bathroom at night. IllumiBowl adjusts to fit any toilet with its patent-patent adjustable arm technology, meaning you never have to worry about it ever falling off!

IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light is the world's first Toilet Bowl Night Light. IllumiBowl was featured on ABC' Shark Tank on March 11, 2016. IllumiBowl partnered with Kevin O'leary and is now a proud Shark Tank Product!

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