Wednesday 1 March 2017

Chic Tips For A Vintage Bathroom

Vintage bathrooms are all the range now, and it’s probably because everyone has been swooning over the ones from popular TV shows like Downton Abbey. Well, if you are someone who really admires this style, you will be happy to know that it doesn’t have to be confined to your TV screens. It is actually really easy to create your very own vintage bathroom in your house. Here are some simple tips that can make it feel like you are bathing in the Edwardian and Victorian times!

Go For Floral And Nature Patterns

The Victorians and Edwardians loved wallpaper that depicted nature. They hung it in every room pretty much, including their bathrooms. So, when the time comes to redecorating your bathroom, take a look at some wallpaper that is covered in bold colors and cute images of flowers. Pictures of birds and small wildlife are also great additions to vintage-inspired wall paper. Of course, it’s a good idea to tile the walls near your shower and bath as these might get quite wet. You will be able to also find floral and nature patterns on tiles, but if you have trouble finding some, stick to elegant pastel shades.

Vintage Fixtures And Fittings

As vintage bathrooms are so popular and right now, vintage fixtures and fittings are also in big demand. You’ll find lots of old-style faucets, Victorian radiators, and gilded mirror frames in many bathroom stores right now. Adding some of these to your decor will help you achieve an authentic vintage style. Some are so well made that your friends and guests may not even be able to tell that they are actually modern additions!


It’s All About The Tub

If there is one item of furniture that will make all the difference to your vintage bathroom, it is the bathtub. Vintage bathtubs that look like they’ve come straight out of the Victorian or Edwardian eras all have legs; modern tubs don’t. So, rather than trying to pass off a modern tub as a vintage one, just invest in the real deal and get a free-standing one. This style of tub may be slightly more expensive, but it will be a great finishing touch to your vintage-inspired bathroom.

Use Stylish Accessories

You might know all about accessorizing your outfits, but have you ever considered adding some accessories to your home decor? If not, it’s certainly worth a try, especially in your vintage bathroom! The Edwardians and Victorians loved adding pretty additions to their rooms, and their bathrooms were no exception. One simple way to accessorize the bathroom is to simply add an armchair or chaise longue. Adding some vintage leather suitcases to the corner of the room will also be a nice addition. The Victorians were also big on plants in their bathrooms, so consider adding some nice, green ferns and lilies for some extra bursts of color!

You’ll find that your new vintage-inspired bathroom adds some fantastic luxury to your overall home decor! And it’ll just be like living in Downton!