Wednesday 22 March 2017

Rainy days and puddle jumping

Now the weather is slightly warmer but not any less damp it is like having caged tigers keeping the kids indoors so we tog up and head out as much as we can. I was recently sent a pair of Bogs to review and feature, the eldest has not long had new wellies so i requested some gorgeous funky purple flowery ones for the youngest.

My two need no encouragement to get outdoors even when the weather is against us, the youngest often found dancing in the rain! So wellies are most definitely part of our wardrobes in this house. 
We are lucky that we live in an area where there are some beautiful surroundings and plenty of places to get out and explore, we did just that this weekend and went for a lovely woodland walk with lots of muddy puddles, streams and hills for the eldest to climb

Having the chance to get out and be outdoors is so good for the kids as they seem to have endless amounts of energy that just never gives up. Climbing, puddle jumping, hide and seek, and exploring keeps them occupied and goes a little way to burning off some of that energy. It really does mum and Dad good too, being so busy with work and school runs all week, it can be such a stress buster to get some exercise, fresh air and just relax, especially if there is a nice little pub at the end of the path. 

As you can see the youngest really did give her Bogs a good test, she loved them, said they were comfortable, was still able to run, jump and keep up with big brother especially when it came to tree climbing, ... actually who said it was relaxing and de-stressing this getting out and about, when you got these two swinging from the branches of the tallest trees over the river side! 

A Definite hit and i can bet we will be seeing them teamed with a princess dress for the spring/ summer season!