Monday 3 April 2017

Dressing our age

One thing i really am becoming more conscious of is dressing for my age and i find i am becoming increasingly unsure of what that should be. I have never had a really wild dress sense but i now feel i am in between fashions, a little old for some trendy fashions but not quite ready for the twin set and pearls!

I do think though it is a little easier for men as they get older as i think a classic jacket and shirt can be teamed with jeans for a more casual look and dress trousers for work or formal events. This look i think can be carried off by all ages so quite easy to keep on the trend i say!

As men get older i do think the smarter look is so much more appealing, it gives the look of confidence and it also shows a pride in appearance, time has been taken to consider what to wear to look their best. I have teamed up with to bring you some tips and suggestions for getting it right for the older gentleman.

Suit - A smart well cut suit is an essential item in every wardrobe, and there are so many cuts and designs these days there is something for every taste or event. A well cut jacket with jeans for a more casual look or a full suit for formal wear, having the option to be versatile is essential. 

Shoes - A smart pair of shoes that can be teamed with a suit or a pair of jeans are another wardrobe must. Choosing the right pair is down to personal preference, but get it right and they will carry you well from day to night, smart to casual and of course you get what you pay for, so a well made pair will last years.

Jeans - A good well cut pair of jeans that can be dressed up or worn casually are a great addition for any age, again with many different styles, colours and cuts there is something to suit every age and taste. 

Ties - Adding a smart tie to a suit really smartens it up and gives a more formal appearance when needed, but a colourful, fun tie can take the edge off a suit without taking the smartness away, making it more trendy and slightly less formal which is accepted in most work places these days. 

It is accepted these days that men like to take care of their appearance as much as women, and why not i certainly think self care and pride in your appearance says a lot about a person, so if i were to use a professional that looks smart and is well dressed it would give me confidence they have pride in their work too. 

So there are my thoughts, and here are some everyday style tips from Chums, where you will find everything you need to fill the man in your life's wardrobe, or indeed your own if you are shopping for yourself, just follow our guide and you will have the perfect outfit for any occasion, as well as top tips for getting the look right.