Thursday 4 May 2017

20 things about me..........

Thank you Karen at Missing sleep for the tag, so this may take some effort to think of but here goes 20 things about me..........

1. I hate being disorganised, it makes me twitchy if I don't know what's what or what is expected of me. I need lists to organise myself and plan.

2. I get Hangry, very Hangry, I know it, but can't help it, so if it's lunch time and no food in sight, avoid avoid avoid, I am unable to be rational without food intake. Just feed me i will be fine then and if it involves chocolate all the better!

3. I think I am developing a tattoo addiction, booked up for next one (no 6) and already planning the one after that.

4. I used to love adrenaline rush rides at theme parks, and being on the back of a motorbike, i toured France on a motorbike, but as i have got older my nerve has gone, Netflix and a bottle of wine does it for me these days!

5. I worry for the future of my kids in today's world. I loved the freedom of childhood, we used to go for hours up the woods, building dens, not a care in the world, it makes me sad that the world we live in now scares us so much that we cant allow our children the same freedom.

6. Being part of a big family was fun as kids, always someone to play with, get into trouble with!! Now its a nightmare remembering everyone's birthday and trying to find time to keep in touch with them all...especially with my memory

7. I wish i could of had a natural birth with one of the kids, i was so close with number one, i feel i missed out on the finale of all the pain and effort of labour, (maybe i would think differently if had experienced it)

8. I hate Harry Hill, he makes me want to throw something through the tv whenever he comes on, i cant't help it, its irrational the man annoys me more than any other.

9. I left home at 16 and have been completely financially independent since, i hate being dependent on anyone, i spend what i want, as long as i have payed my bills don't question what i spend i say.

10. I am so stubborn, to many i am quiet and easy going but i am strong willed, if i believe in something or have strong views it takes a lot to change them. Its not the easiest when your child has the same stubborn streak - battle of wills!

11. I couldn't live without music, it brings comfort, stress relief, but mostly makes me want drink alcohol and party! I love how it can transport you and bring back memories long forgotten, mostly for a good reason!

12. The older i get the more people i dislike, my patience for drama, dishonesty and fakeness is zero, deal with life and stop expecting others to take responsibility, believe it or not i have been called cold hearted...really i do not know why!!

13. I have gone from working with the elderly to pre-school children, both amazing jobs i enjoy/ed but completely opposite ends of the spectrum. So many lessons learnt from both jobs and satisfying to see what you give makes a difference to lives. 

14. I loved gymnastics as a child and was very good and i can barely bend to tie my shoe laces.

15. Since childhood i have had re-occuring dreams of running through a quarry and a man i do not know just being there, slightly scary as he seems threatening but nothing ever changes in the dream... any thoughts anyone? 

16. I get emotional when i get angry, i hate it, i cry from frustration i think, but i don't feel like i can express my true feelings and have a good argument as i end up crying and look weak, i just can't control it. Chances are if you see me crying its not emotions -  remember i am cold hearted - its probably anger!

This is getting really hard now.................

17. Ok, deepest darkest now ...I had a secret obsession with Rik Mayall   I know.....and may i add not while he starred in Bottom!!!

18. As a child i purposely destroyed my sisters favourite book, because she pissed me off being miss perfect, and i still find the thought satisfying now...sorry!!

19. I hated being a middle child, being a middle child stinks!!! Always compared to elder, never as important as the baby....I will just disappear into the one will  notice... until something is wrong then obviously it was probably me!

20. Most importantly, I am content with my life right now, happy with what i have, i work for, i have achieved, my friends, my ever patient and medal worthy partner, and mostly my two babies, my world and that's all that i need. 

So over to you now Hubby Helps and Reluctant Traveller, Good Luck