Tuesday 6 June 2017

Making the most of small rooms

My house is quite traditional, it is a mid terrace stone built house, although spread over three floors and also has a basement the room sizes are not the biggest! Raising a family in it can be quite a challenge at times when there are four lots of personal belongings to fit in, and of course the kids do not do minimalist!

Homes come in all shapes and sizes

Our intention was always to climb the property ladder once the family started to grow however we found the cost of living with a family higher than we anticipated, the costs of childcare far out weighed the benefit of me working full time so the decision was made i would take time out to raise the children and live off one wage! Obviously this meant that compromises needed to be made and the biggest being we stayed in the house we were in.

Not for one minute do i regret the decision we made as it meant i got to spend time with the children and experience all the first moments, i think that it has strengthened the bond i have with them by being home with them during those early years. It has meant though we have had to get creative with storage and living solutions!

A great example of how you can make the most of a small living space

The great thing these days is there are so many places you can get ideas and always find something to suit your needs, check out sites like https://www.furniture.com/, you can find furniture solutions that do not compromise on style or budget.

My top tips for making the most of small spaces. 

Utilise every room -  We spent some money and turned the basement into a playroom for the children, this meant their toys were contained in one place and not spread all around the house, and it also freed up space in their bedrooms which are not the biggest in size.

Find furniture that offers storage or dual use - We bought the children beds that are high sleepers and allow for storage or usage underneath, the eldest loves he can sit and play his games and watch movies without the disturbance of his younger sister!, he has his own little Den under his high sleeper bed, the youngest has her dolls and play kitchen under hers and loves she can get lost in imaginary play with no distraction. Our dining table folds down so the space is freed up when not in use.

Only buy what you need - It is surprising how much we buy that we really do not need, the less there is the more space it seems you have.

Be organised - Knowing where everything lives and having a space for everything does make it so much easier when you want to use it, and it utilises every space you have as well as keeping on top of the clutter

Organised drawers and cupboards make it easier to live clutter free

Give everyone jobs - You would think there would be less cleaning in a smaller house but the truth is unless you keep on top of the tidying and cleaning it fast becomes a mess and looks worse than it is, so ensure everyone has a job - folding laundry, putting away the dishes, emptying the bins, if it done regularly and out of habit the mess is minimal and the house stays looking tidy and clean.

Get creative - Sit back and take a look at your rooms, is there a small nook that can turned into a useful space, there are many interior design shows and websites that you can look at for inspiration.

Lastly remember it is your HOME and that the most important thing is to fill it with love and laughter.