Tuesday 6 June 2017

Take a look at Dreamstar Bush Babies

My youngest is completely obsessed with all things furry and cute! Her toy of choice when given the option to pick something out is always a new fluffy teddy, she gets hooked on any TV series that involves animals, the fluffier the better! Her bedroom is packed full of friends and they all have a name, she will spend hours creating imaginary stories and adventures that she goes on with them, such a special age where their imagination is unspoilt by news and world events, they can have the perfect story and happy endings. A time to treasure and capture their innocence. 

When i was asked to take a look and introduce the new series of Dreamstar Bush Baby World, which has been bought to life from the brand new toy brand Bush Baby World. I am sure you can imagine that we took little persuasion to check it out and even less surprisingly how much my little one fell in love with it. We now have a new favourite YouTube Chanel.

The Bush Babies are super cute and Sooo Fluffy, any child will fall in love with them, so come and meet Princess Melina and her friends in Bush Baby World and discover the homes and stories of the Bush Babies who live in the six regions of Bush Baby world. I guarantee they will be top of your little ones favourite show list before long.

As well as the series there is a going to be a range of toys, Golden Bear have teamed up with ‘Brands With Influence’ to create and manufacture a range of toys based on this exciting show. These interactive cuddly characters have innovative technology built in to each soft toy to ensure maximum play value and child participation.

The plush toys come in a variety of sizes to suit any budget and the collectable figurines are designed to be as lifelike and realistic as possible. Thanks to a large collection of accessories, Bush Baby World toys can be played with in many different make-believe worlds.
You can see more episodes over on YouTube following this link and keep your eyes open for the new range of toys coming soon.