Monday 31 July 2017

5 Common Downfalls That Are Secretly Stopping You From Spending Magical Time With Your Kids

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As a loving mother, nothing in this life is more important than spending time with your children. Unfortunately, doing this can feel tougher than ever due to other commitments. Sadly, many mums fall into the trap of making it harder for themselves due to very simple mistakes.


The seemingly small changes often make the biggest impact, enabling you to dedicate more time to your children. Here are five simple changes that will transform your life for the better.

Cut down on kitchen time by making use of modern cooking appliances. A slow cooker enables you to produce tasty and nutritious meals without spending hours by the oven. On a similar note, meal preps allow you to create several days worth of lunches all at once. This will save you valuable hours throughout the course of the week and will reduce your groceries bill. In turn, that should go a long way to enhancing the quantity and quality of time spent with the kids.

Get organised. Many mums have to juggle work with parenting, but maintaining control will make it a far easier process. If you work from home, an organised workspace can make a telling difference as you won’t be wasting time on basic admin tasks. Moreover, you should use online banking and automatic payments to stay on top of your home life admin. Aside from creating more time, it should make life a lot less stressful. This can only be good news for the entire family.

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Get rid of the smartphone. Quite frankly, those handheld devices are a menace as we all fall into the trap of connecting to old friends rather than the people we love. SIM only deals are far better value for money while you can pick up a basic handset on the cheap. The only thing you’ll be missing out on is the photos, but the savings will allow you to buy an SLR camera. You’ll be able to capture the moments with far greater effect. Simply removing the hour of phone time before bed will boost your energy levels too.


Quit the gym. Regular exercise is a necessity, but there are better ways to do it. Home workout DVDs can help you burn calories without wasting time commuting to the gym. In other situations, you can actively use exercise as a form of family time. Whether it’s taking bike rides together or playing sports in the local park, it has to be more fun than doing 10km on the treadmill. Apart from anything else, it encourages the kids to be healthy.   


Get a cleaner. Household chores are a recreation time killer. If you truly value your time with the kids, why not pay someone to do the jobs for you? It might feel like an added expense. But you can cover those costs by using grocery coupons and finding better deals on home insurance and broadband packages. If this overhead is still out of reach, try involving the kids. It might not be grade A quality time together, but it’s better than being apart.