Saturday 29 July 2017

Stretch 14" Vac Man Review

Did you have a Stretch Armstrong as a child, if not i am sure a member of the family did? I remember having hours of fun with my brother pulling and shaping him in all directions, one of the nostalgic toys we all loved. Well we now have 'Vac Man' the original villain of the collection.

The range is constantly expanding with new characters being added to the old favourites all the time including stretch himself, Octopus and Fetch Armstrong. Vac Man is a 14" fully stretchable and poseable vac powered action figure, and can be stretched to 4 times his original size for durable 21st century fun, creating poses, simply pump out the air with the vac pump provided, mould and shape into whatever pose you can think of, then release the valve and he will return to his normal state.

We had hours of fun with Vac Man, the eldest is getting to an age where he is less interested in toys but this really held his attention and he found it hilarious to 'pump the air out of him', make all sorts of poses and positions, then watch him return to his normal shape, I wondered if this would be a 5 minute wonder but he has played with it quite a lot and finds it funny to create all sorts of poses and imaginary actions for him and it takes me on a trip down memory lane too. It is really good to be able to talk about how we used to play so the eldest feels a part of that too, and of course daddy always loves to try out the new toys so reminiscing and creating fun shapes gave them a wonderful afternoon of father and son time, I just wonder who will play with 'Vac Man ' more!! A really great toy for 'kids' big and small, sure to bring hours of fun and laughter for all.

Vac Man is suitable for ages 5+ and has a RRP of £29.99 and is available at character-online store