Tuesday 4 July 2017

Every Little Helps: Reduce Your Family's Environmental Impact

Looking after the planet we live on is a joint responsibility that we all need to take seriously. But with an issue of this scale, it is hard to see the individual impact that you and your family can make. However, the little changes that we make to our everyday life can make all the difference. What’s more, it gives you a great feeling to know that you are playing your part and teaching your kids some good habits from a young age is a great thing to do. Here are a few common areas of life that you and your family can make environmentally friendly changes.

In the Home

With so many electronic items around the home, you should take steps to turn everything off when it is not in use - and this is an especially good habit to get the kids into! When it comes to selecting light bulbs and appliances, you should always go for the energy efficient models. And if you really want to reduce your energy consumption, you could look at installing roof solar panels. Try to avoid using ‘throw away’ products as much as possible such as paper plates and napkins. Always hang your washing out when you can rather than using the dryer. And remember to recycle everything that you can.

In the Garden

When you water the garden, do it in the early morning or late evening to reduce water loss due to evaporation. Encourage wildlife into the garden by planting trees and shrubs and putting up nesting boxes. This is a great way to get your kids enthusiastic about nature and wildlife. If you use fertilisers or pesticides, always go for the more environmentally friendly options. Make the most out of your garden waste by having a compost heap to put the nutrients back into the soil again.

When Shopping

When you are out shopping, purchase fruit and vegetables that are in season and locally sourced. It is a huge environmental cost when they are transported across from the other side of the world. Always remember to reuse bags and refuse the plastic ones which cause a negative impact on the environment. Try to choose products that have less packaging where possible.

On Holiday

It is the time of year that many families are choosing to go on holiday, but this is also an activity that can cause damage to the environment. If possible, try to avoid air travel as this is the most environmentally damaging method of transportation. If you are going into the countryside, avoid disturbing any local wildlife by sticking to the footpaths. Dispose of any rubbish that has built up responsibly as this can also be damaging to wildlife.

At Work

Avoid printing out emails whenever you can and if you do need to print, make sure to use the double sided option. Make sure you switch off your computer any other electrical equipment at the end of the day.