Monday 3 July 2017

Need a New Garden Project This Summer?


Summer is the perfect time to get out into the garden and get started on those outdoor projects. Here are just a few ideas for those eager to do something fresh with their backyard.

Plant a vegetable patch

Growing your own fruit and vegetables can save you money on groceries, whilst giving you a fresh project to work on. Whilst spring is traditionally the time to plant new crops, there are plenty of vegetables perfect for planting in summer such as lettuces, broccoli, beetroot, fennel, carrots and peas. Dig yourself up a patch, thoroughly clear it of weeds and then sew a few seeds. Here’s a useful guide for starting your own summer patch.

Create a social area

If your garden is largely just a lawn, it could be time to create a designated social area. Patio areas and decking are the two most popular form of social area. You can hire a landscaping company to do the work for you, or make it a project for yourself. In both cases, digging up the lawn and thoroughly de-weeding the earth is required.


Treat the kids

Plenty of additions to your garden can make it a more exciting place for the kids, as explained in this blog post. This could involve buying a trampoline or a tent, or constructing a tree house or sand pit. If you’re a keen gardener, it can often be beneficial to have a designated area for the little ones to play, and a separate area for planting the vegetation that you want.

Build a pond

A pond makes a great focal point in any garden. It can attract wildlife such as frogs and dragonflies and it can be a fertile place to grow plants around. Building a pond isn’t too difficult – the digging is the most laborious part, after which you just need materials to line it. You can then fill it with water and decide which plants you want to grow around and inside the water. Ponds need to be well-maintained, especially if you’re keeping fish in them. This means controlling weeds, regularly keeping track of water levels and clearing ice in the winter. A filter or pump can help to keep the pond cleaner longer and prevent mosquitoes nesting.


Add some heat

You may not need heat during the day in summer, but for sitting out in the evenings a source of outdoor heating may be useful. For those wanting a large project, a fire-pit can be a good source of heating. This has to be built into a patio or on a gravel surface (if you’ve already got a patio, buying a chiminea could be a cheaper and easier option). You can also buy electric and gas heaters to place outside if fire isn’t an option in your neighbourhood. Some electric patio heaters are solar powered, preventing the need to trail cables into the garden (you may also wish to install some solar lighting, which again is cable free!).