Thursday 27 July 2017

Is your work space an #OrganisedMess

My house is quite old and a traditional, a mid terrace stone built house so it is not the biggest inside, luckily it spans four floors but each floor is quite limited in space, with a family of four space is not easy to come by. As a blogger work space is important and can be really difficult to work in when space is so limited, therefore I have to be really organised and plan what I need to use, after I clear the clutter that inevitably accumulates the minute my back is turned! I like to think it is and attempt to try to keep it an organised area, maybe not to others but I know where everything is!

Finding the right furniture can be a real bonus, something that fits the space you have, the style you have, the right amount of storage or work area. Luckily there are many places online where you can find what you need like office furniture from F@W, a great range of office furniture for all different needs.

Furniture at work recognise the individual organisational characteristics of each person and have come up with an infographic which shows the organisational characteristics of each sign of the zodiac, it has been titled #OrganisedMess
Here is a little information from the infographic

Ok so firstly - The Show offs
Taurus - stubbornness and a place for everything attitude means they are organised and efficient
Virgos come a close second but organise for organise sake getting a little organise happy, buying stuff just to organise it
Capricorn or Pisces are ahead of the game organised by getting someone else to their organising or buying the latest gadget to organise themselves

Signs of constructive organisation
If your a Sagittarius or a Scorpio - you are a hoarder, but an organised hoarder!
Libra and Cancer are organised but in a aesthetic way, colour before alphabetical

Signs of Mayhem!!
Aries - well what can you say - the ram, more like bull in a china shop! Mess everywhere
Gemini - Mess for two! need we say more?
Leo and Aquarius - Mess created by fun, fun first then think about the mess they have caused

Hmm,  So which one are you, I think I am quite accurate for a Virgo!
To see the full colour infographic head over to my Facebook page