Sunday 27 August 2017

Lumie Bedbug Review and Giveaway

The best thing about school holidays is there is no routine, you can stay up late, sleep in late (if only) and spend the whole day in your pyjamas if you want!
But now the holiday are drawing to a close, I am starting to consider getting ready for back to school and plan to get some sort of routine back in place especially for the youngest at 5. I am lucky the youngest likes her sleep and generally will sleep in until she gets her 12 hours, absolutely fabulous during the holidays but its not so great when we will need to get up and ready for school so I really need to work on getting a bedtime routine back in place.

One thing she has always wanted was some kind of night light, we have tried out many different styles from string lights to lamps but always end up either hunting for batteries in the middle of the night or she complains the light is too bright, too dim, too white, too yellow the list is actually endless.

So I was really happy to work with Lumie in reviewing the brand new Bedbug night light which goes on sale in September, the Bedbug is a sleep optimising light to encourage calm bedtimes and a good nights sleep. The light is fully adjustable, low blue light levels to avoid stimulation at bedtime, can be set for a 15 minute sunset to allow a gradual transition to bedtime which mimics a natural sunset, with two options - fade to off or fade to nightlight, the nightlight is a non alerting orange which just gives a reassuring glow which will not trigger wakefulness if your child stirs or if you are using it in a nursery and are doing night feeds, it also has a smooth and silent light control so you can increase it gradually to check on your child or baby at night with out the risk of disturbing them.

The bedbug is a cute and perfectly sized light the will sit easily on the bedside cabinet next to your child, it connects directly to the mains so no interruption or black out in the middle of the night when batteries run out. It is really sturdy and well made too so will withstand some drops and bangs when it gets moved around.

We have been using the Bedbug for a week now and it has helped us settle into sleep a little easier so I am hopeful it will help when we start to bring bedtime a little earlier ready for back to school, I have not had any wakeful episodes during the night so it certainly does not disturb her or stimulate her if she stirs which is a bonus as she is waking happy and refreshed, always a good thing!

Lumie have been generous and given me an extra Bedbug as a giveaway for one of you lucky readers, simply enter below.

Lumie Bedbug Night light giveaway