Thursday 24 August 2017

Dobell boys suit review

With family weddings and special occasions happening more often I was really happy to work with Dobell and review a suit from their boys section, As the eldest has got older he has started to take more interest in what he wears and how he looks, so being able to wear a smart suit and look grown up was something that really appealed to him.

I have worked with Dobell in the past offering giveaways but have never actually reviewed one of their suits. The suit arrived really well packaged and instantly I could see it was well made and good quality, there was a lot of attention to detail the same as there would be in the men's suits which really made him feel grown up.

The material was lightweight and soft so really comfortable but looks like it will be durable, a must with a boy who has a huge sense of adventure even when we are dressed up for formal occasions. The suit has a real modern feel about it with a stylish cut whilst maintaining the traditional colour and style. He found the suit comfortable and it was a really good fit and cut for him, although it made me slightly sad to see my boy looking so grown up he was in his element being all suited up like Dad.

Dobell is one of the UKs leading online formal wear stores which provides formal wear for men and boys of all ages, styles and needs. they have an extensive range of suits, tuxedos, shirts, shoes and accessories delivering choice, quality and really good value, often 50% cheaper than the high street. Head over to the Dobell site to check out their full range and I can guarantee whether its a wedding, board meeting, job interview or black tie event you will find something that suits you!