Monday 21 August 2017

Peace at last...bedding from Rooi

For many of us Parents that moment we fall into bed at night is the biggest Ahhhhh moment of the day. I count down the hours from when I get out of my bed until I can get back in it!
Before the little darlings came along the long lie ins that could last all day on a Sunday were totally taken for granted, then boom they stopped and were replaced by early morning wake up calls of screams fro milk, comfort, nappy changes and that is if you managed to get any sleep to be woken from.

Our days are now so full of work, school, afterschool clubs, playdates, and all of these include a lot of noise, tears and tantrums! It can be really difficult when you do not have a minute to just process and think about things let alone catch a minute to chill out, so when you finally get to climb into bed it is heaven...silence...(fingers crossed)..and breathe.

So the one thing I really do pay more attention to now is my bedding, I want to make the most of my few hours in bed...catching up on I go for a bit of comfort and luxury with my bedding, you cannot beat the feeling of climbing between fresh baby soft cotton sheets.

When I was contacted by Rooi to ask if I would review the bedding range, it was a definite yes, the only difficult part was choosing from the range.  So what makes the perfect bedding for you?

I think the most important thing to get right for a good night sleep is your Duvet and pillows, and it really is a personal choice and preference, not one suits all so having the choice to find the right one is so important.

Many people nowadays need to consider extra storage so the ideal solution is under bed storage, or a divan with drawer storage, the only problem is the bases can become unsightly with dust and marks from shoes etc after a while, so the perfect solution to this is to fit a valance sheet, again Rooi offer a great range to choose from to suit all styles and colour schemes.

The Duvet cover or bedding set is where we can really show off our personality, fitting in with the room décor and allowing us to create the perfect place to unwind and relax at the end of the day. Rooi offer a wide range of designs, colours, sizes right up to an emperor size so really do cater for all, the bedding has a really soft feel and it feels really good quality, a touch of luxury for your bedroom.

To finish a bed with style, is really easy simply add a stylish throw and some cushions and you have transformed a simple piece of furniture into a stylish place to finish off your day, and one you would not mind being on show.

For all your bedding needs head over and take a look at Rooi's great range, there is most certainly something to suit everybodies tastes and needs, having used their bedding now myself I can vouch it is really good quality and feels comfortable and soft, I can tell it is going to last too, unlike other sets that can go thin and bobbly after regular washing. The only thing is it makes it harder to get out if it of a morning!