Tuesday 22 August 2017

Renovate To Accumulate! Make Money From Your Home

We’ve all had a go at doing a little bit of renovation to our homes, from putting up some geometric print wallpaper to create a feature wall to laying some reclaimed oak floorboards in the living room. The sporadic patches of renovation that we do allow our homes to tick over, refreshing them now and then to hold our interest without thinking of the financial investment that we are making.

Your home is the single largest financial investment you ever make in your life. Surely, it would pay to reap the most lucrative return that you can. The simplest way to do this is to create a stunning interior design that you will relish living in, while at the same time creating the perfect space that will seduce any potential buyers should you come to sell your property. Getting the renovation right is the tricky part. Anyone can knock down a wall and extend a kitchen, but that is not a fail-safe way of increasing the value of your home. Take a look at these sure fire ways that will help you renovate to accumulate.

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Think Big

If you are eager for your renovation project to push the ceiling price of houses on your road through the roof, then you’ll need to consider a whole home upgrade. There’s no point creating the most wonderful and aesthetically pleasing open plan kitchen with granite worktops, reclaimed slate flooring and bi-fold doors opening up onto a well-manicured garden if your living room still looks like it could grace the cover of a 1970s magazine. You need to think about creating the dream home, not the dream bedroom, kitchen or garage. Your property in its entirety needs to be upgraded to exude the lifestyle you want to create.

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Call In The Pros

If you are after the most on trend designers, the most highly skilled tradespeople, and a stunning finish, it pays to call in the professionals to aid you in your quest for your dream home. You only have to glance at the results of the renovations by Million Dollar Makeovers to see just how sophisticated and bespoke their design projects can be. An interior designer will take your project from your vision through to completion, taking the stress off you as you trust them to deliver your dream home to your desired budget and timescale. They will work with you add the maximum value to your property while providing you with the ideal home from which you can enrich your lifestyle.

Go For Quality

If the main aim of your renovation is to maximise value, it pays to go for quality fixtures and fittings. Opt for quality taps and lighting. Don’t select the cheaper wooden laminate flooring which has no grain and looks like a beige stained plastic and instead invest in some solid wood floorboards. They will last longer and help you to create the high calibre look you are after.

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Renovating your home can be a minefield. You often don’t know what look to go for, you don’t have an eye for design, and the mammoth task seems daunting. Just remember to hold onto the vision you have for your home and see it through. By creating a whole new look for your home, you can renovate to accumulate.