Wednesday 20 September 2017

King Pong review and giveaway

King Pong is the brand new exciting table top game from Drumond Park, sure to be a firm favourite in your house. It is fun, frantic, fast paced, action packed and will have those balls bouncing all over the place. I was recently looking for gifts for my 8 year old as he is quickly outgrowing 'toys' and choosing technology instead so I wanted something to reflect his age but distract from screen time, this was the perfect gift and it bought the family together which with the busy lives we lead is always a bonus.

King Pong has a RRP of £24.99 and suitable for ages 8+, for 2-4 players. Up to four players compete to bounce their set of five coloured balls into the King Pong cube - using just one hand...however the balls will roll back out into the tray and will need to be bounced back in. The aim of the game is to get all your balls in the cube and snap closed your tray before any other player. So you will need to perfect your technique of bouncing your balls in faster than they can roll out to be crowned the King pong champion. Inside the cube there is a pyramid so if you practice and perfect your throw you can aim your balls to roll into your opponent's tray and snap yours closed.

I would love to say this did not have the adults playing as competitively as the kids but it did, once you start it is addictive, you just want to get your balls in and the tray shut before anyone else!! You develop a determination to find the perfect technique and beat them all, we played with our 8 year old and he found it so much fun as its action as well as a game so enjoys the physical aspect of the game. There was some tension as he went head to head with dad who looked like he was not about to play nicely! But he kept his cool and proved he was more than capable of taking dad on. I think this could be a great game for social gatherings of all ages, just beware of tantrums form the losers as their balls keep rolling back out...and I don't mean just from the kids! King Pong is a really fun game that got us moving and laughing all the way through, a perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon with the family.

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