Wednesday 20 September 2017

Emergency Equipment Every Family Household Should Have 

When the autumn and winter seasons come along, people’s moods shift as they realise the year is coming to a close. Christmas is also virtually just around the corner, and the time for cheer drawers in day by day. But as the head of the family, parents cannot overlook the fact that, as the weather changes, the lifestyle of their communities may change also. Power outages might become more frequent due to heavy winds damaging power lines, and floods that totally cut off the gas, water, and electricity. If you have children, it's even more important to make sure your household is prepared for emergencies. Shrug off the attitude that makes you think it won’t happen to you, and make a list of vital equipment and other things you might need. Charities and local authorities do have plans in place to make sure everyone is secure, but you can’t entirely rely on others to keep your family well.
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Make a first aid kit
Unlike a normal first aid kit that is good for cuts and scrapes, a survival aid kit is larger. You never know what an emergency might throw at you, so it’s best to go bulky on your health and safety equipment. For potentially broken limbs or severe swelling due to blunt force trauma, you should pack pressure bandages. These can be more tightly wrapped and will not break as easy; they’re also waterproof. Rather than a normal antibacterial spray for cuts, pack an iodine spray that has the same chemical surgeons use to sterilise an area before they operate. Iodine doesn’t sting as cheaper antibacterials do, but instead, it smothers and destroys germs at the area it is applied; vital for deep gash wounds. A small oxygen bottle would also fit neatly in your emergency aid kit. They’re not heavy and are quite slim, but they would be great to help your family if you’re even surrounding or in a fire.
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Making food on the go
Hurricanes can cause massive flooding, which damages water pipes, making the sink taps redundant. In case of such an event, always have a good amount of bottled water, so during a prolonged flooding and disaster zone, your family is not without hydration. A two burner electric boiling top from Corr Chilled is a fantastic way to make hot meals on the go. Simply plug in this kitchen appliance into a portable power source, or technically any plug socket you can find, and you’re ready to go. During such emergencies, a hot bowl of soup or mixed beans would be great for morale and uplift the spirits of the kids. Speaking of which, freeze-dried food in cans and airtight packing should also be a part of your emergency supplies. Chocolate bars, raisins, nuts, and berries are a great source of energy and can last your family a long time, so have them stockpiled.
We all don’t really think about it, but if and or when there is a natural disaster every family household should be prepared. Floods will take out power lines and can cause bodily harm by floating debris colliding against you. It’s imperative to have all these emergency supplies to keep your family safe, and well kept.