Friday 6 October 2017

Cicciobello Love 'n' Care doll review

With summer now a distant memory for us inevitably we turn to the next event to look forward to and plan for...yes Christmas. I have always been one that said 'I will be more organised next year!' So I have been looking out for things that I can add to the list for the kids, trying to pick up hints (not so subtle ones at that) and decide what budget I am going to tell myself I will stick to!

One present I would recommend for any little one with a love of dolls and role play is the Cicciobello doll from Flair, available at Smyths Toy store, and as an added bonus Smyths are running a competition for one lucky winner to win a family trip to Italy, what a great Christmas present that would make for all the family.

Cicciobello doll has a RRP £59.99 and suitable for age 3+ - Look after Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care to make sure he is happy and healthy. He cries and gets red cheeks just like a real baby – is he hungry, thirsty or does he need some medicine? Maybe Cicciobello is really sick and needs an injection to make him better? When he is feeling better he will stop crying. Give Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care his dummy and he’ll fall fast asleep. Cicciobello comes with a range of accessories to help your little one decide what he needs. The doll comes with;

Special ear thermometer
Milk, juice and medicine
Dummy to stop him crying
Batteries are Required: 3 AA batteries(Not included)

Cicciobello dolls are great for role play and mimic a real baby for children to experience and learn how to care for a baby, working out what is making him cry and how to soothe him. Having been around small babies this was really appealing for my youngest as she was able to imitate and play 'mum' by finding out what was making baby upset using the included accessories. The doll was bigger than I expected and the crying sounds and cheek flush really added to the realistic feel of the doll and the quality of the accessories was good, many times the accessories that come with toys can be flimsy and easy break so you end up with a toy and no accessories.

So if you are looking for a present for your little one who is exploring the world of dolls and role play I would say definitely consider the Cicciobello Love 'n' Care Doll....and don't forget to enter Smyths amazing competition