Sunday 15 October 2017

Ravensburger Funny Bunny game review

Now the Weather is taking a more wintry turn, it is time to find ways to entertain the kids when the wind and rain keeps us indoors, because as much as we love getting out and about wet and cold kids are no fun to be around!

One thing the kids love is playing board games, which is great for us as we get quality family time without the distraction of TV or games consoles. It is so easy to sit back and allow the kids endless screen time when there is no way of getting out so adding some board games to the afternoon plans helps break it up.

We have recently been sent Funny Bunny from Ravensburger to try out, we have had a really hectic couple of days with family celebrations and visitors so today has been a quiet chill out day, catching up on jobs, and just having some quiet family time. We ended having a games afternoon and played some of our favourite games including the new 'Funny Bunny' game we were sent.

The aim of the game is to get one of your rabbits up the hill to claim the carrot before any of your opponents, sounds easy? well there are pit falls along the way! a sneaky mole to push you over the side and back to the start, the swinging gate to knock you back a few places, a raised draw bridge to stop you in your tracks and worse of all, the rabbit holes that you will disappear into!

To play the game each player starts with four rabbits, and the game starts with the youngest player going first, players turn a card over from the pack and if it shows a rabbit with a stone(s) then you move forward onto the hill and advance the number of places shown by stones (1, 2 or 3), if the card shows a carrot then the player turns the carrot at the centre one click, this will activate one or more pitfalls so watch your step! players take it in turns to turn a card and advance up the hill being knocked back places or even back to the start, even worse disappearing out of the game completely if the carrot turns and opens up a rabbit hole beneath you. you then have to start again with your next rabbit. The player who successfully gets one of their four rabbits to the top first is the winner.

We really enjoyed this game, it was easy for our youngest (5) to follow and take part in and she really enjoyed it, especially if she turned the carrot and caused one of our rabbits to disappear into the rabbit hole! It was easy to set up and put away so the was no chance of the kids losing interest before the game is set up.