Friday 29 September 2017

Schleich dinosaur - Large Skull trap with Velociraptor review

It is always good to add a new element to play toys, especially if there is an educational element to them. With all the technology and gaming that kids love to play on these days it is more important than ever to find alternative ways to entertain the kids to add some balance, as good as technology is and as educational as a lot of the apps and sites are it is not the same as actual play. 

All kids love dinosaurs and exploring the world of dinosaurs, so the Large skull trap with Velociraptor from Schleich was a great product to review with my two. 

The set contains a large realistic prehistoric skull which snaps shut when you touch the tip of the nose as well as a model Velociraptor to really allow your little ones to pick up and play straight away. The set retails at £24.99 and is suitable from ages 4+

The set is really good quality and is well made, the model Velociraptor as with all Schleich models is hand painted to a high standard and has moveable limbs to allow realistic play. With movies like Jurassic park and Night at the movies being very popular this is a great play set to grab the interest and expand a child's imagination and curiosity at prehistoric times which to me is educational as well as fun as really allows for endless imaginary play. 

As well as having two children of my own i also manage a preschool and after school setting, one of our themes we often work on is 'world of dinosaurs' which allows them to explore the world outside of what they know and introduce them to prehistoric times, i will definitely be borrowing this to include in this theme. 

The set offers a good quality product for the price and would make a great addition to any Christmas list, especially as it adds an educational element to a toy.