Saturday 23 September 2017

Thor Figurine review

Do you have Marvel fans in your house? Then I am sure you are aware the new Thor movie 'Thor Ragnarok' is set for release on the 27th October. Thor Ragnarok is the latest in the Marvel Avengers collection of movies, also featuring 'The Hulk' his former ally and fellow avenger.

Schleich have released a Thor figurine ahead of the movie release, the figurine looks exactly like the character in the movie, he even comes with his signature weapon the hammer Mjolnir - the hammer allows him to control thunder and lightning and strike blows more powerful than any other superhero in their fight against evil. Kids and collectors alike will love how realistic the figurine is. Schleich have a whole collection of Marvel superhero figurines, including Spider Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black widow, Dr Strange, Venow, Fulcan, Iron Man and Green Goblin, all of the figurines are hand painted to a high standard and make great collectables if you are a Marvel fan.

The figurine is really painted to a high standard and collectors and kids will enjoy recreating scenes from their favourite movie with their figurine or using their imagination to create new story lines and adventures for Thor especially if they have his fellow superhero figurines too, they are suitable for ages 4+ although I would recommend then for an older child due to the quality and detail in the figurine making it more of a collectable than a toy.

My eldest at 8 appreciated the quality of the figurine and had fun improvising using other superhero toys he had to create stories and scenes, so I think he would enjoy expanding the collection available from Schleich. With a RRP of £9.99 they are reasonably priced and a great step up from kids toys as they have a grown up feel to them as a product many adult collectors will also love to own.