Friday 1 December 2017

Family games night- Boom Blast stix & Five nights at Freddy's review

With the festive season fast approaching it is maybe a good time to think about some family entertainment for all the family. It is getting harder to find the time to all get together and especially time to relax and have fun together as a family. The demands of our daily lives these days take that time away from us which i think makes it more important at this time of the year to come together.

We recently made one of our rare weekends off together a technology free weekend and found some activities that we could enjoy as a family. I had been sent two games from Character Options to try out so this was the perfect opportunity.

Firstly we had Boom Blast Stix RRP £14.99 which was recently featured on CITV scrambled-  A game full of suspense that is suitable for all ages, the aim is simple -you simply stack as many interlocking sprung pieces as possible which are sensitive and prone to explode at any time!

The game gave us plenty of laughter and squeals of excitement and shock when the pieces sprung causing a cascade of pieces. It was really precious to have the time as a family just sat around the table with no distractions.

Our second game was Five nights at Freddy's - some of you may recognise the character from the popular video game. Well this game brings it to life in 3D form! A tense game that will keep you on your toes RRP £24.99
Again another family friendly game where players take it in turns to spin the dial and then using the tweezers try to take the number of pieces and colour pieces of pizza from Freddy's tray without waking him and making him jump and scream, if that is you then you are out of the game!

We found this game so much fun as it had a bit of a scare element to it, the kids jumped every time someone woke Freddy but it caused huge belly laughs and they kept wanting to play over and over.
Another great game to add to our collection for keeping us busy on wet miserable weekends and definitely one to bring out at family gatherings this Christmas.

With today's hectic lifestyles it is more important than ever to find time to have quality family time, and i think we are all guilty of allowing a little too much screen time to allow us the time to catch up with chores, phone calls, or email so taking time and having Family Games nights is a fabulous way to achieve that quality family time.