Friday 1 December 2017

Justice League stretch figure review

With the new Justice league film being aired i am sure you will know at least one fan, so they are going to love these new 7" Justice league stretchy figures from Character Options. RRP £12.99 and there are three to collect - Batman, Superman and Flash, great fun for all not just the kids!

Grab them, stretch them, twist them and then watch them shrink back to their normal size, i am sure dads out there will have as much fun as the boys and girls!

I am sure that most of you will remember Stretch Armstrong from your childhood, these are like mini versions of him, and it is great to have a set to collect for sharing and so dad doesn't feel left out! Which will be your favourite Justice League stretch character?

With the eldest being a huge fan of all things Avengers and superhero this was a huge hit and he loved the versatility of it, being able to stretch twist, throw and it would simply shrink back to its usual shape and size. It was durable and strong so no worries about it getting broken like many toys these days and it also distracted him from technology for a good while which has to be a bonus when he is so techno minded at the minute. At an age where it is difficult to know what to buy these are great and make a great gift for the 'big' kids in your life too!!

This is something i will definitely be adding to the Christmas gift list as he has played with his Flash character so much and it has been a hit with his friends too when they have come on play dates. I am sure he will love to have the full collection. Price wise it is a great price for the product and definitely worth the money for the hours of play he has already had from it.