Thursday 25 January 2018

Creating the perfect work space

Undoubtedly having a tidy, purposeful work station will make producing work a lot easier. Creating that space can be the hard job though, space can be limited, resources needed could overflow into a practical work area, furniture may be unsuitable for the purpose it is intended for or you may just simply have an environment that creates too much distraction for you while you work. 

If you are working from home finding an area to create the perfect work space is essential to getting the most out of your time, having to set up and clear and area each time you want to work can be time consuming and eat into the time you set aside for actively achieving your target, also working from home can bring many distractions such as TV, social media, neighbours/ friends calling or just day to day jobs like the house work so you need to be disciplined to get the work done!
We all have different ideas of what our perfect work place/ environment would be, some people like to have back ground noise such as a radio others prefer a quiet work area to allow concentration, preferably in an office alone. Some people like to have personal possessions such as family photos, trinkets and plants while others will prefer a clean tidy clutter free area. There is no right or wrong so long as it creates a happy relaxing environment for you to work in.
At work my office space is a room off the main play area of a nursery room so can be really noisy at times and creates a lot of distraction, however the distraction of  the kids is always something that makes me smile so it can't be seen as a negative point...well unless I am doing the books and then it can quite a task to concentrate!! 

Whether you run a small business alone or need office space for a team of employees finding the right location is key to creating a productive outcome so it's always a good thing to check out property location solutions from companies like Pall Mall Estates who will help you set up or relocate to get the ideal office space to suit your individual needs.
Whatever your preference for a work space or environment I think there are a few things we all need to ensure we work most productively
  • Good lighting and a good amount of natural light
  • Clean and well maintained services for tea breaks and bathroom breaks 
  • Taking regular breaks especially if working on a computer 
  • A stable internet connection and phone line
  • A warm space but one which allows for air conditioning or ventilation in warmer months
Having these basic needs met allows us to then create our own individual work areas to work most effectively.