Wednesday 25 April 2018

Artificial Tropical Plants adds Vibrancy to your surroundings

When we are sat in a reception area of a busy office building the sight of tall tropical plant or tree can bring a feeling of calm and tranquility, something most successful businesses strive to create. When talking about artificial tropical plants, nowadays they are more than just a silk imitation of the real one but are a good, life-like and long-lasting alternative. Commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants and office building are in awe of this decorative element and look to use them as much as possible.

Many well-established businesses today are finding that the work required to maintain real plants and flowers is simply too much. Also, these live plants wither and must be replaced time and again, and often in large corporate buildings someone must be employed to take appropriate care of them. However, what will you do when this process strains your company budget, and you want to find an alternative option that is much more appealing. A lackluster office building or reception area is not the impression you want to make on your new or returning clientele, Right.

Well, to save your time and money, and impress your clients or business partners in the most amazing ways other than real plants are artificial plants, trees, and flower arrangements. The trend of using silk flower arrangement has been growing for ages now, but in the past, due to low-quality material and design, they were more or less rejected by many. But not now. To simply put down the benefits of using drought-tolerant landscaping at home or outdoors is that they provide everlasting beauty, are very easy to take care of, and are very cost effective compared to live plants. The best thing about them is their maintenance, which is minimal to nil and one needs to do occasional dusting and cleaning.

Any commercial establishment, be it an office building, shopping mall or a hotel can multifold its business and become the apple of the eye for its customers if illuminated with some beautiful and elegant artificial plants and flowers. People who visit such a decked up place are sure to get positive vibes, if they are given a treat of great surroundings and a comfortable setting. An office or any other place where you conduct your business needs a touch of style, class, and beauty to be appealing and memorable.

People certainly have many misconceptions regarding silk plants and one of them is that they are a ‘cheap’ version of the real ones. Well, they are a cheap version, because they are cheap, affordable and give you value for investing in them. Especially commercial outfits like hotels, office buildings, casinos, water parks and public places can create amazing and eye-catching themes, by utilizing the beautiful varieties of silk flowers and plants.

The longevity of a silk plant is let’s say 100 times more than what you get from natural plants. This is one area where silk flowers have a distinct advantage, the longer shelf life. As a high-quality product, they will not wilt, don’t need watering and can be boxed and saved or taken by you, wherever you want. Also, if you are creating a certain decorative theme in your office, but don’t have the perfect flower that is available only in certain season, it can be difficult to create that perfect finished result. However, with silk plants, there is no season, and you can get the perfect replica of your favorite orchid bloom or Hydrangeas topiary any time you want. Also, if you are not satisfied with your decor, or have become bored, you can change the setting in no time, as they are lightweight and could be easily carried anywhere.

When we talk about the cost of designing your commercial building with artificial flower arrangements, you get what you pay for. Today, there are dedicated sites or e-commerce sites that specifically look into the production, manufacturing, designing, and selling of commercial silk plants that can be used by businesses. Moreover, due to the evolution of technology, it has become easy to manufacture a high-quality decorative accessory that is durable to extreme weather conditions as well.

Create a tropical theme in your house or commercial décor with our collection of refreshing and lifelike artificial tropical trees. Our artificial tropical trees consist of Croton, Yucca, Schefflera, Croton, Dracaena and Areca Palm to name a few. Go ahead and bring the tropical beauty without any hassles in your décor.