Tuesday 24 April 2018

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Technology and social media make it less likely these days to actually set pen to paper so this week as it is national stationary week I have committed to making more effort to put pen to paper.

I still hold a memory box full of letters i received when I used to write to friends and family during my teenage years and it is really good to pull them out and take a trip down memory lane now and then.
This week I have been busy getting organised for  a full month of birthdays during May, so for those that I would usually just send a card too I decided I would take the time and write a little letter with some family news and updates, as well as a few pics of the kids, somewhat more personal I think and I felt it would be well received as it shows more thought went into it than just a quickly signed card.
I always remember the excitement of receiving a letter through the post from a pen friend or relative, and eagerly taking the time to respond, sadly something we do not do much of or encourage our children to do these days as it much easier to Facetime/ Skype call.

To get the kids on board I have also started to get the eldest to write a daily diary, something that has actually proven to help him off load at the end of the day and work towards improving his hand writing skills at the same time. The youngest is quite creative so she happily sits and draws and enjoys creating her own story books so this is something I shall definitely keep encouraging.

What would your changes be to bring back more use of the good old pen and paper?

Love notes in your partner's lunch box?
Acknowledgement of good deeds with a simple thank you card instead of text?

Add your ideas in the comments when you enter the competition to win a Cross Century ii fountain pen and leather case to celebrate #nationalstationeryweek

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