Monday 9 July 2018

Organising a Family Holiday While the Kids Are Off School

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As parents, we are all well aware that travel agencies tend to take advantage of the fact that we can only really travel as a family unit during set periods of time when the kids are off school. Prices dramatically rise during the six week holidays, so it’s not all too surprising that the concept of taking a relaxing break quickly becomes an extremely stressful experience. But not to worry. There are plenty of options to consider that will allow you and your family to have a brilliant break. Here are a few to consider!


One way to fund a family trip is to engage with a reliable lender. This allows you to foot the up front costs of a trip and then pay the money back in smaller installments as time goes on. Consider pre qualify credit cards, as these are open ended loans that can be used time and again, not only in the process of booking the trip, but for added extras while you are away too!

Stay in the UK

When we think of holidays, we tend to think of far-off locations. But you don’t need to head overseas to experience sun, sea, and sand. The popularity of the humble staycation has skyrocketed in the past decade and the U.K. is home to some truly stunning locations that you can visit without the hassle and cost of airport baggage weighing, check-ins, travel insurance, currency exchange rates and language barriers. So, if a short, simple, stress-free getaway is what you’re looking for, it may well be better to stay closer to home and explore the realms of your homeland!

Go All Inclusive

All-inclusive accommodation may be a little more expensive at the outset than self-catering, but it’s the travel holy grail for families and will save you a whole lot of money in the long run. Why? Well, because kids are going to want constant drinks, ice creams, ice pops, and snacks as well as their standard meals throughout the day while you’re away. If you’re forking out for these individually every time someone gets thirsty or hungry, your wallet is going to take a pretty big hit. All-inclusive means everyone can help themselves to whatever they want to satiate their thirst and appetites at all times.

Pre-Book Excursions

Sure, kids will probably be pretty content playing in the pool and sea for days on end. But it’s a good idea to organise one or two day trips or excursions for while you’re away too! This will give your little ones the opportunity to see some of the local sights of your chosen destination, occupying their minds and stimulating their imaginations. You can save money by booking these in advance, as buying online tends to be cheaper than paying on the day.

As you can see, while booking a holiday could be an extremely expensive venture, a little patience and planning can help to make things much more affordable! So, follow the above steps and you’ll be away before you know it!