Monday 11 March 2019

Mothers day gift guide.

Last week we had International women's day, and who is more inspirational and deserving of your gratitude than your mum, Mother's Day is just around the corner so what better way to show your love and appreciation for your mum than a gift from the heart.

I have some gift ideas which i am sure will cover all interests and budgets and show Mum how much she means.

With the huge rise in popularity of flavoured gin there is sure to be one that Mum will love, maybe parma violet or rhubarb crumble and custard from Mrs Cuthbert's new gin liqueurs inspired by 1940’s era of home baking, perfect for Mother's day. 

Mrs Cuthbert’s is a new range of British Gin Liqueurs, inspired by one of the founder’s late Auntie Dorothy ~ a.k.a. Mrs Cuthbert. Born and bred in Yorkshire, Dorothy Cuthbert was a frugal home-baker, typical of the 1940’s and 1950’s era. 

Traditional but always well received, us ladies love a bottle of perfume so you can never go wrong with a bottle of Mum's favourite perfume, but what about introducing Mum to something new and dare i say it - a bit more fresh and modern. Something maybe like this bottle of Elegance from SEKSY, 
SEKSY Elegance is an exotic, oriental fragrance for a sophisticated taste. With of notes mandarin, jasmine and blackberry musk, from fragrance range SEKSY Beauty. Embellished with a Swarovski® crystal and a detachable Swarovski® charm that can be added to your favourite jewellery. It’s a two in one gift for the one who deserves it the most.

How about a gift that also gives back or helps the environment? Well take a look at the underwear from Modibodi
This Mother’s Day, modern apparel brand Modibodi have launched a new selection of period and leak proof underwear in a range of stunning colours, ideal for Spring. Sticking two fingers up at the sanitary tax on pads and tampons and helping mums everywhere look great and feel secure all the time.
The new Modibodi collection will be in the brands most popular styles Classic Bikini and Sensual Hi Waist Bikini and come in range of colours from a gorgeous mint green, to eye catching aqua and the fabulous amarnath, a lovely reddish rose colour. This is the ideal gift to get your loved one, giving them total freedom and helping them save the world too.
These beautiful knickers don't just look great, they are great, having been made with incredible technology to help women with the 2 Ps: periods & pee. These life changing undies have been made with a special patent-pending Modifier Technology. Every piece is made with natural fibres and is only 3mm thin (as thin as regular underwear) even though it has 3 layers to it, to give it the most comfortable and breathable underwear. The moisture wicking material used ensures fluids are quickly absorbed and you are left odour free.
To top it off Modibodi’s exclusive technology is paired with certified organic bamboo outer fabric to give a perfectly sustainable option and in a world where waste, particularly from sanitary products is making headlines it is never been a better to time to save the world by simply changing your undies. It takes a staggering 500 years to breakdown one pad in landfills and currently 2 billion tampons are flushed down the loo each year in the UK. So be fierce, make a change and get that inspirational woman, something that’s practical and looks fab!


Staying with the environmentally friendly how about these Socks from Critically Endangered Socks, a sock company that helps protect some of the world's most critically endangered animals (and critically endangered animal mums). The socks themselves are made from a beautifully soft and sustainable blend of bamboo and cotton, 20% of profits go towards saving endangered species by supporting the following charities
Friends of the national parks foundation - Helping the endangered Borneo Oranguntans by buying and preserving the rainforset in Borneo
International elephant foundation - help fund the foundations conservation project to protect elephants from poachers and deforestation
Amur Leopard and tiger alliance - help protect the critically endangered Amur leopard
Oceanic Society - helping preserve the Hawksbill Turtle by teaching communities about conservation and exploring key habitats
Whale and Dolphin conservation - The Maui Dolphin is one of the smallest dolphins in the world. But sadly also one of the most critically endangered, the conservation group help monitor Maui Dolphin species and lobby governments in New Zealand to ban trawling and netting.
Coming soon are baby socks that help protect endangered baby animals, for more info head over to the website and get an early bird discount when you sign up

Personalised phone cover
Running a busy house means mum's are often busy organising school appointments, after school clubs, play dates, health appointments and much much more but luckily with technology today this can be done from your phone on the go, so why not give mum a personalised cover so she stands out from the crowd. check out the range over at Tirita fro a modern, in trend cover that be personalised especially for that special lady.

Dash Cam
Staying with Mums on the go, how about some extra security and peace of mind while she is out and about in the car, with dash cam footage being widely accepted by insurance companies and also the police in accident investigations a dash cam gives that reassurance if this should happen to your loved one. Check out the great range from Nextbase the UK’s leading dash cam manufacturer, they offer a range of affordable (£49.99 - £249.99) and easy to use dash cams with HD quality video recording – a great gift for mums who are always on the go!