Monday 29 April 2019

Getting Woo Woo ready for summer Review and Giveaway

After a fabulously warm Easter weekend we are starting to feel summery and ready to get our bodies prepped and preened for the summer ahead, many of us have most probably neglected ourselves over the winter months i know i have, the razor comes out for special occasions and that is it, however when it comes to bikini ready i have a love hate relationship with the razor, it is a necessity but can cause real discomfort and shaving rash is definitely not appealing!

I have been trying out this amazing in shower intimate hair removal cream from Woo Woo as an alternative to shaving or braving the wax!, it is easy and simple to use simply apply with the applicator to the areas you want to be hair free, wait a minute get in the shower and after a couple of minutes wipe away with a warm really is that simple and effective, it was simple and left my skin feeling soft and smooth, certainly a preferable alternative to painful waxing or shaving wax!

As a working mum life can be hectic and busy, with some days feeling like you have run a marathon before you even get out of the house in the morning, although we don't like to discuss intimate hygiene it is only natural that some days even after a morning shower you do feel like you need to freshen up by lunch time especially at certain times of the month, or if you have doctors appointment straight from the office, and when the weather warms up lets face it we all get a bit hot and sweaty, i know it's not a nice thought but it is a fact we all have to deal with. That's when WooWoo freshening PH balanced intimate wipes are your new best friend, they are sourced from nature with Cranberry and Aloe Vera, they are biodegradable so flushable, Vegan and paraban free so they freshen and soothe even in delicate areas.

I have teemed up with Woo Woo to bring a giveaway for you to win a sample of each product to get you ready for a smooth, fresh summer ahead. simply enter below. 

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