Tuesday 11 June 2019

Review #trunki travels with the kids

With the school holidays getting closer many of us are thinking of getting away with the kids, some may think with the British weather being as unpredictable as ever to make plans to jump on a plane and find some sun in warmer climates. Even if you don't make it oversees there are some amazing places in this country that offer a fabulous family friendly staycation with opportunities to make some amazing memories. 
Now the kids are a little older they love the independence of packing up their own things and having their own luggage whether it's a trip near or far.

An offer to review and personalise our very own Trunki kids suitcase was met with great joy from the youngest, she is quite crafty and artistic so loves anything that she can design which made the personalising element so fun and exciting. It couldn't have been easier either, simply head over to Trunki website and select the option to personalise your very own Trunki. The site is bright and colourful which grabbed the interest of our little designer. The site then leads you through a series of options to personalise the colour, design and colour of the wheels, straps etc and with other a billion different combinations yours could be truly unique. The bright colours make it really appealing to kids as does the fun elements like the horn handles on the front and animal print designs.
Delivery once the order was placed was super quick. The delivery was met with huge excitement and she loves that she had been able to contribute to the design excitedly unpacking the box to get it out and show it off!! 

The Trunki is strong and sturdy and will easily withstand being dragged through an airport or down a country lane! And the added bonus of being a ride on too will appeal to many parents travelling with toddlers as let's face it we have all been there when they declare they can walk no further so we end up dragging along and extra case as well as carrying a toddler, with the Trunki they can sit and ride!
My only problem now is the daily question of when we can get to go away and use her new suitcase...weekend sleepover at nanny's coming up!!!