Friday 19 June 2020

The Best Money-Saving Hacks For Your Car

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If you have a car, which, let’s face it, most people do nowadays, you will know that these things can be serious money-sucks. If it’s not filling up the tank, it’s paying your insurance premium, getting maintenance done, or even having it cleaned. Cars are essential to most people’s working lives, but they seem to cost more than they’re worth a lot of the time.

So are there ways to cut costs on your car? Many people would say no. After all, cars are not like meals or beauty products - they can be very dangerous if not properly driven or maintained. Safety, of course, is the primary concern when getting behind the wheel. Often, people think saving money on a car means buying a second-hand old banger with dangerously broken functions. This is not the case, however! Saving money doesn’t have to compromise safety. Here are a few money-saving hacks for you and your car.


If you don’t have the money for a full downpayment of a car, do not fear. Most people hesitate when buying a car, purely because the initial buying cost seems like a huge amount of money to part with. When you lease, however, you pay monthly installments instead of a lump sum. This means that if you can’t afford thousands for a car, you can still get a car that suits you! Plus, leasing often comes with great benefits, such as early trade-in and maintenance costs covered. 

Regular Maintenance

Believe it or not, taking your car for regular maintenance will actually save you money in the long run. Plus, many car companies have their own personal servicing options such as BMW Servicing. These companies know their cars, inside and out, and can give you top of the range advice and services for the specific car you own. This regular maintenance increases the lifespan of your car by years, making it a lifelong investment, rather than a throwaway vehicle. Implementing regular maintenance for your vehicle will change the way you see it; it’s not a toy that can be used and abused, but an intricately built machine that needs constant care in order to last long.

Fuel Options

Depending on your lifestyle and the amount of travel and car space you need, there are great fuel-saving options that not only help the environment but drastically reduce your costs. It is a growing trend nowadays to purchase a car that is not suited to your personal needs - for example, if you’re one person who lives in a small suburban area, an enormous 4x4 car with a powerful engine is both unnecessary and very costly. Considering the amount of fuel your prospective vehicle burns will allow you to assess how much you’ll be spending on fuel each month, on top of all the other costs of owning a vehicle.

Nowadays, new innovation is making it easier and easier to become fuel-efficient. Save your money and the planet with the greener vehicle options.