Thursday 30 July 2020

3 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Car

If you are tempted to buy yourself a new set of wheels, you might be venturing to the car showrooms and test driving some brand new motors. While a swanky brand new car sounds appealing, the moment you drive it off the forecourt it will have depreciated in value. It doesn’t matter how good a new car deal sounds, it rarely makes up for the money you lose the moment it is back home sitting on your drive. Instead, you need to consider the used car market to ensure that you secure the best deal. Car buying can be stressful for many, but it needn’t be. Remember, buying the vehicle is only the first step in ensuring that you save money on your car.

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Strike A Deal

Car sales can be a challenging industry to make sense of. Heading to a car dealership and looking at a range of second-hand motors might sound like fun, but how do you get the best deal? Many dealerships refuse to budge on the purchase price, but this doesn’t mean they won’t be willing to throw in a few extras. If you’re keen, they won’t be willing to let you go elsewhere to buy. Don’t be afraid to ask for a full MOT, a free set of car mats, or a full tank of fuel on pick up. This may sound cheeky, but every little helps and money off means more money in your pocket.


Any car that you buy will need to be insured. It’s wise to contact a car insurance broker rather than scouring through deals yourself. These specialists will have the best deals at their fingertips and can customise the insurance as you need it. You might want breakdown cover, but you aren’t bothered by a courtesy car or satnav cover. A broker can sort this for you and save you cash. Ensure that you check out the insurance group of the cars you like the look of before buying. A higher number for the insurance group, the more you are likely to pay for your premium. Sports cars and vehicles with larger engines will be more costly to insure.

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Go Electric

If you are a bit of a sustainability advocate or you simply want to have a go at doing your bit for the environment, check out the latest hybrid and electric cars. These vehicles are great because the insurance groups are so low and most don’t require any tax. If you live in a city with a congestion charge, you won’t have to pay for it as your car won’t produce emissions. Greener cars tend to be more costly to purchase initially, but they make up for this with their nest to nothing running costs. All you will need to do is charge a battery, rather than fork out for expensive fuel every month. 

Electric cars are also more reliable and don’t tend to be as costly to fix should anything go awry. Parts are cheaper and garages are able to fix issues faster meaning less money spent on labour costs.

Buying a car can seem like a bit of a minefield. However, follow this guide, and you can be sure of saving money the next time you need a set of wheels.