Monday 25 July 2022

My new favourite scent -Oud

I recently made an impulse online purchase -  I discovered the amazing scent of Oud. I have for many years stuck with the same perfume which I still love but felt the need to try something new.

Oud is one of the most expensive and desirable perfume ingredients in the world. It has an intoxicating musky scent that can be quite potent and has been used for centuries in India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Today, many perfumers in the West are using it as a base to create some amazing fragrances for men and women. I found these amazing small discovery bottles amazing, enabling me to choose my favourite mix and match and know whatever my choice I will smell amazing.

Since I purchased this set above I have had comments on the smell every time I wear it - all positive. The smallest amounts of this oil lasts all day, the hardest part is choosing one. They are a perfect size to drop in your bag for nights out, or freshen up on the go. I love it so much I have been sharing this scent discovery with friends and family.

 I was really excited to discover the Goodness collection from Bayliss and HardingBaylis & Harding’s Goodness Oud, Cedar & Amber is the best-selling Goodness fragrance, a delectable aromatic scent, heady with amber and oud and enriched with patchouli, oregano and lemon, the perfect match to my new perfume oils. The new hand & body lotion is the first body lotion in the Goodness collection and the perfect partner to the best-selling Goodness Oud, Cedar & Amber Hand Wash. As well as beautifully scented, the hand & body lotion is ultra-moisturising and highly conditioning, helping not only to add water back in to the skin but also trapping in water to plump and protect.
As well as the NEW hand & body lotion, the Goodness Oud, Cedar & Amber range has added a 1 Litre Body Wash and 500ml Bath Soak to this beautifully fragranced collection. Lovingly made in England and kind to body, soul and planet, Goodness products are carefully created for a truly holistic approach to beauty - natural skincare that doesn’t cost the earth.
The new products are available on Amazon starting from £4 RRP, with the Bath Soak also sold in Boots and on

Now that skin-baring season is here and exposure during the summer months means the heat can leave skin looking dull and feeling dry I have upped my skin care routine to include a dose of deep hydration and moisturisation with NEW Goodness Oud, Cedar & Amber Hand & Body Lotion, a luscious formulation brimming with nourishing ingredients and leaves the skin smelling divine. The perfect way to follow a bath or get ready for an evening out. 

I can bathe in, wash with, moisturise my skin and roll on the luxurious scent of Oud for the whole summer and more as i am sure i am not going to get bored of this scent any time soon.