Saturday 13 August 2016

Getting ready for holiday

So it is now less than a week until we go on holiday, time to get organised!!!!

Ok so I have already packed more than a week ago....but this week will be spent unpacking and repacking the case every day to check I have not forgotten anything as by tomorrow I will forget what is in there and have to do it all over again!! this is essential as I stupidly trusted myself on my last short break (a mini cruise) and packed a week before and didn't do the daily checks and went away with no Bras, so the one and only bra I had was tied and blown dry out on the balcony every night...luckily we were not sailing in enemy waters or would of thought it was a sign of surrender, being rather large!!!

It goes without saying that the holiday is used as a threat with the kids, poor behaviour means you will not right... as if they believe that for one minute, and as if it makes a blind bit of difference to their behaviour, they now have mastered the look that says 'mum your talking shit' and carry on with what the are doing!

I have now picked up holiday money and put in a safe place so I don't lose it the only thing now is I need to remember where that safe place is..............I do often wonder how I have managed to get this far in life and with two kids still in one piece and never being left in the supermarket, mind you as mentioned in my Joys of shopping post, that would be near on impposible with the dramas they cause in the supermarket

My passports are being safely looked after by my sister who in her great wisdom thinks it will be fun to come on holiday with me and my darlings ...lucky for her we are going all inclusive so she can drown her sorrows every night, bring on the cocktails

Do you know what I reckon I am actually already rather organised so hopefully no last minute panick buying or stress....we will see..................