Sunday 14 August 2016

The great outdoors

As kids we were always out and about (up to no good most of the time!) with the condition we were home by the time street lights came on. We lived on the edge of the chase so spent many a day of our holidays building dens up in the woods, sometimes I do wonder at how safe we were, we would be out for hours in a remote, secluded place with often only a scrawled note to let mum know where we went, unlike these days as there were no mobile phones to check in with mum, when I say we it was myself, my sister and two younger brothers who at the time were not very old. However these are the memories that are strongest in my mind as the most fun, exploring places, spending times with friends on our bikes, roller skates, and playing tag. Are there more dangers around now than back then???

building dens

After a lunch/ playdate last week we took the kids for a walk and they were in their element building dens, climbing trees and getting muddy, we are really lucky we have a lot of outdoor areas on our doorstep where we can truly let them run off steam and create exciting adventures, something I really want to be able to encourage, and make memories for my kids like I have.

We spend our family holidays in the UK mainly exploring new places and creating adventures and often random road trips (honestly its not the other half getting us lost as he insists he knows where he is going!!!!) Our favourite place so far being Devon as there are so many places to explore and discover.
I love these times as we really are making memories our kids will hopefully treasure and remember when they have kids of their own.

sledging on the sand dunes on our last holiday in Tenby

Another thing we love is snow hunting, at the first sign of snow we are up the mountains with our sledges hunting for snow, such fun for the kids and I suppose its ok for us too!!

snow hunters

On the downside I find it really difficult to get mine to sit and chill, they constantly want to be on the go, out and about, having adventures and just being outdoors which can be quite exhausting, I do hope this carries on into their teenage years but seriously doubt it once the Xbox takes control!!!!