Sunday 21 August 2016

Just like me

So we all have that moment we hear our child speak and its our words coming out of their mouth!! or they give that look you reserve for when daddy does something spectacularly stupid...most days in our house!!!

The problem now comes in that my four year old is becoming too much like me.......I am quite strong minded and strong willed, and just a tad bit I am told, I am boss of our house as the kids say!! I like to be in control and may be just a slightly bit bossy, but it gets the jobs done that need doing.....oh god I sound like a right Dragon!! Honestly I am not all bad...I hope.

So now my four year old appears to be developing these traits, which will most definitely stand her in good stead in later life, and will hopefully mean she will  not take any shit from unsuitable boyfriend (which means most of the population in daddy's eyes).....but and its a massive but we are now facing some major power battles and tantrums, which are really difficult to say are wrong as it is a mini me stood there and it would be like saying I am wrong!!

What have I created?? How do I handle this??

I am trying really hard to allow her personality to grow and allow her to have her own mind whilst keeping age appropriate boundaries and teach her it is ok to have opinions and stand up for what we believe but you have to show respect and acceptance for others

whilst she is my little princess she also drives me up the wall but who ever wanted a quiet life!!!!!