Sunday 4 September 2016

Arghhhhh internet providers

As part of our drive to save money and try to live outside of our overdraft for more than a couple of days a month, i decides to change internet providers.
I had a whole package of phone, broadband and TV with one company which was great but really costly every month. When i renewed my mobile contract i was offered a similar deal with that company at a much more competitive i thought why not!!!
Initially all the transition stage went smoothly everything i needed arrived, they handled the change over so all good, until the day i was due to go live...nothing. I called up and explained the situation, i was assured i would be connected within we internet... No Barbie charm school...with an inconsolable preschooler having withdrawals from barbie!!!!

Sooo 48 hours come and go i also give it an extra day now nearly a week on still no internet. I call again, oh my its now going to take them two more weeks!!!!! Two more weeks of no Netflix to babysit the kids!!!!!

So desperately i try to back pedal and return to original supplier....hahahaha i hear them we cant provide it any earlier, ffs just shoot me now!!!!

So what is to become of us, my partner is muttering and grumpy as no phone signal for him either to connect to his data plan...i did advise against him renewing his contract with his company because of shit signal in our house but no he did and i really haven't took the opportunity to say i told you so 😂😂😂

Kids think the world has ended as only get freeview channels... Really do i need to got through the..when i was a kid routine because that would make me sound like my mum.

My friends will stop visiting as no benefit if cant collect pokeballs (i live by a poke stop) 😂😂😂😂, their distress is almost as much as mine!!!

And i am having to write blog posts on my phone!!! Not ideal. I am trying to prep for a new school year in playschool with no wireless connection between laptop and printer so cant print session plans, rotas etc off with out turning the house upside down to find cables.

Is it worth it i ask!!!