Thursday 8 September 2016

Nearly the end of the first week back

Wowser what a week this has been 

Back to school...yipeeeee
Back to work.....hmmmm
Sons birthday...gulp how many years already!!
Boils and hives....ouchy

So back to school, what a relief for the kids as much as me, we all secretly love a routine and it works well for us or nothing gets achieved. Littlest started full time this there were no tears from mummy just a joyful air punch that some lucky individual would face the diva inside for a whole a day.....not to be, it appears the little darling is top of the class at containing the strops and tantrums until we get about 100 ft from the school gates then all kinds of hell break loose!!! relentlessly until bedtime, please someone tell me this will not last..... the eldest seems to have adapted well to new class and teacher so there is a silver lining there.

Back to work - it actually has been lovely to see all the darlings in playschool, most of whom returned from last year, and wow what a difference in just seven weeks with some of them, it is kind of like watching your own babies grow, without the night feeds, dramas and mostly without the tantrums (unless you include the staff hehe). Its a busy but exciting time of year as we are planning for the forthcoming year and looking at ideas for crafts, activities and all kinds of fun and messy adventures.

The eldest turned 7 today...I feel like sobbing into my wine at the rate these years are going, Although it is amazing to see the things he is achieving he is slowly actually bloody quickly becoming more and more independent and less dependant on me.
We had a fabulous day though, in my wisdom (or moment of insanity) I got him a drum kit....yes a drum kit so after leaving daddy to assemble it in the dungeon... sorry playroom, we left it as his last present and big surprise.... and what a lovely wake up call the neighbours had at 7am this morning.. hm I wonder how long before I regret this decision.
Sadly daddy could not have the night off I had the most amazing idea of holding a party at daddys work (restaurant) so, last night daddy set up the room with banners and balloons before he left (told you amazing..but gets better) I ordered the food we would like which daddy cooked (told you bloody amazing but gets better still) we had the most fabulous time and food......... then we left and daddy cleared up all the mess and left over food...(told you it was an amazingly fanbloodytastic idea).. quite proud of that one, doesn't happen often, and as an added bonus got home and both the darlings went straight to sleep, no urgent messages to give me, no uncontrollable toilet needs, no severe dehydration just sleep..ahhh

Oh my god..other than labour pains I cannot remember pain like I had with a boil, it was as though my arm was going to drop off, and I do pain, I can cope usually but this was something else, anyway it transpires said boil was infected so that would explain the pain, and made me feel slightly better about feeling really sorry for myself, around the same time I develop hives, oh the joys, double whammy, connected?? I don't know, but I now look like an orange, and not because of the tan!!! blistering welts all over me...such a good luck...completely covered from neck to feet, and itch like hell so double good luck when stood scratching!! fingers crossed the antihisthamines will help.

So all in all a pretty busy eventful week, heading off to stay with family tomomrrow to go out for sons second birthday celebrations at an all you can eat Chinese... ...need I say more