Friday 2 September 2016

Where do the years go???

So now my baby boy..well he's a week off 7! is reading on his own, not just spelling out words but reading proper story books, although this makes me very proud to see it also makes me a little sad that now there is another thing he is able to do independently, fortunately he still loves to be read too so our bedtime snuggles and story time are safe for now.

Having a story at bedtime has been part of our bedtime routine since babies so it is lovely to see his love for books continue without it being part of his schooling.

As a child i loved to read and still do, a glass of wine, good book and blanket my perfect companions especially when the nights start drawing in.

Over the last couple of years it has amazed me to see him learning and developing, he has an inquisitive nature so is eager to learn about things. Its been lovely to see him achieve new things and developing new skills i hadn't really given much thought about when i was pregnant, or in the early days where you manically read every parent book and website to check development milestones of a baby.

What makes it even more heartwarming is seeing him so proud of his own achievements. My belief has always been a child will do things when they are ready and not to be a pushy parent making them sit and learn outside of school before they really need to, a child wanting to learn instead of feeling pressured to learn is so important and allowing things to happen and progress naturally, hopefully raising better learners!!

Now the youngest is starting full time school next week it is time to start the journey with her, i cant wait to see where her journey takes her too. 💖💖